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Create A Better Online Experience.

Cludo is the perfect addition to the Drupal CMS, enabling visitors to find information faster, and giving your website & marketing teams the insights they need to develop more engaging content.

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Why Cludo Is The Best Site Search Option For Drupal Sites

Ranking & Relevance

One of the best ways to improve the relevance of search results on a Drupal site, is to stop using the Drupal core search module and start using Cludo. Cludo's machine learning driven site search automatically ranks your content based on how well our analysis tells us it will perform on your specific site. Plus we offer a white-box search platform that gives you the flexibility to easily override the suggested content rankings to modify your content rankings based on your visitor's needs.

Insights & Analytics

Cludo provides you with powerful analytics right out of the box, that go far beyond what you get with other site search options. Your website and marketing teams get immediate access to an analytics suite that enables them to find gaps in your web pages, better understand what content is working well vs. what is missing, predict customer trends, and continue to refine your search experience. Plus, our actionable dashboards make it easy to make changes in real time directly from your reporting!

Quick & Easy Installation

Cludo's plug-and-play search gets you up and running in minutes. Our fully customizable search is built to fit seamlessly into your website branding, and you can easily use our search design editor to build your own look, or have our design team do the work for you. No technical training required! Compare that to the time and effort you'd put into building and maintaining your search functionality with Elastic or Apache Solr.

Email & Phone Support

Offering our customers a great experience is important to us! Cludo offers free worldwide direct phone and email support included in all our packages, for the lifetime of your subscription. We pride ourselves in our ability to put you directly in touch with our customer success team, who will ensure you get the most out of your search solution. It's an amazing upgrade compared to other search providers that offer limited support options and additional charges for technical or design support.

Accessible & Compliant

Cludo site search is ADA, Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 compliant with assistive tools for people with disabilities, including text highlights, reading tools, and more. We've also ensured that our overlay and inline templates are created to be compliant with the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Association Guidelines) and US Section 508 guidelines, and designed to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent people with a variety of disabilities from using our solutions.

Built For Marketers

Cludo's search functionality is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of developers, yet easy enough for marketers to use without any technical skills. We give marketers complete control over search engagement, and the behavioral analytics to refine and improve websites and content. Plus our Intelligent 404 and Dynamic Banners are marketing oriented functionality that integrate beautifully with your website.