Intelligent search that integrates with your CMS

Our search easily integrates with your CMS and website, equipping you with everything you need to create a great site search experience: full-control over relevancy, rich-media banners, content boosting, controllable machine learning, actionable analytics and more.

Cludo's hosted cloud-search gets you up and running with no technical training required! Compare that to the increased complexity related to configuration, maintenance and support required to build your search functionality with Elastic, Lucene or Apache Solr.

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Flexible crawler functionality

Crawl most XML / HTML page and file formats. Provide crawlers access to sensitive content with support for both IP whitelisting, proxy and login.

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Enhanced analytics integrations

Our advanced platform recognizes the need to integrate your site analytics with both Google Analytics and Siteimprove analytics.

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Create richer experiences

By integrating our intelligent search with your CMS, you're able to fully customize the search function within your website to every visitor's needs.

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Siteimprove & Google Analytics

Unify your data with our analytics integrations

Our advanced platform recognizes the need to integrate your site with data sources like Google Analytics or Siteimprove Analytics.

Measure your site’s digital success with a simple integration and track integral information about your website’s performance with relative ease.

Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics

Expand your world of data with our Google integrations

Build upon your third party data with our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations. Whenever a visitor performs a search, Cludo will send a set of tracking information directly to Google Analytics for further analysis.

By sharing your Cludo search data with Google Tag Manager, you unlock a whole new world of data integration. Use this data to personalize your website, create targeted ad campaigns and even adjust your support messaging based on search behaviors.

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Building search into your CMS is easier-than-ever with Cludo.

Customize every facet, filter and result with our intelligent search and discovery platform. Reach out to see Cludo in action today!