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Drive conversions with great search

Determine User Intent

Stop crawling through thousands of search queries. Automated search should help you gauge overall user intent. Cludo's Intents feature uses machine learning to consolidate your queriesinto common topics.

Facets & Filters

Adding the right facets (or filters) to your search can take a search from exhausting to successful. Empower users to narrow search results by the criteria most important to them (price, size, color, etc.).


Your users want to be served results that are tailored to their needs. Our personalized search looks beyond just the search, and serves results based on the individual visitor, their likely intent, and even their past purchasing behavior.

Cludo: your new partner in search.

Promotional Banners

Selling a new product? Running a sale? Turn to Cludo's Banners. Banners are displayed at the top of a search results page as a visual call-to-action in order to promote important content.

Implementation Support

Adding a new search experience to your platform isn’t something you have to dread. In fact, nearly 70% of Cludo customers require no developer for implementation. Our experienced team can help with anything from API questions to customization advice.

SERP Customization

At Cludo, we build search to fit your needs. From the search results to page layout, customizing your search is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that aligns with your brand.