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Cludo: your new partner in search.

Security Controls

We know one of the most important features of enterprise search applications is ensuring users only see the information they have access to. Work with an experienced partner like Cludo to ensure your content is searchable across all your platforms, but only accessible to those who need it.

Search Customization

At Cludo, we build search to fit your business' needs. From the content indexed to page layout, customizing your search is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that seamlessly aligns with your platform.

Exceptional Support

You deserve support in all stages of the search journey. That's why every Cludo customer has access to a dedicated customer success manager. From implementation to management, our team of search experts and developers are here for you.

Search built with your business in mind.

Actionable Analytics

Make data-driven decisions through search analytics. Our easy-to-use analytics platform gives you the insights needed to better understand users, customize search results, and continually refine the quality and relevance of your web content.


In need of search that can help you manage your knowledge base? With Cludo, you can build an intranet that helps you deliver the most important information to your employees via your internal
search engine.

User Permissions

Even behind the scenes, Cludo gives you the power you need to stay secure. Ensure search data and management stays in the right hands with user permissions. You decide which engines users have access to. Choose an administrator and allow them to grant access to necessary team members.

Happy customers