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Customizable search built for your enterprise's needs

Not all search tools are created equal. Your search should strike a balance between being easy to manage and including all the settings you could need while providing relevant results and full customization. That’s where Cludo Enterprise Search comes in.

Our platform gives you total control over searchable content and results. We also intelligently guide visitors and employees to the most relevant information – whether on your website, app or intranet.

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Let us do the heavy lifting.

Help your business thrive with intelligent search.

Actionable analytics

Make data-driven decisions through search analytics. Our platform gives you the insights needed to better understand visitors, customize results, and continually refine the quality and relevance of your web content.

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In need of search that can crawl your knowledge base? With Cludo, you can build an intranet that helps you deliver the most important information to your employees via your internal search engine.

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Search customization

From the content indexed to page layout, customizing your search is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that seamlessly aligns with your all of your platforms.


We know an important aspect of enterprise technology is ensuring users only see the information they have access to. Keep search data and management in the right hands with user permissions.

Driving search for these enterprises

Customizable. Efficient. Effective.

Tailored, richer search experiences

You need a search that works for your business and is tailored to your specific objectives. With Cludo Enterprise Search, our team of developers and search experts will work with you to customize a search that will help your business thrive.

Access statistics, complete queries, and manage your search through the Cludo API. In addition, your search will be built on machine learning, allowing you to maintain relevance across millions of search queries - learning, refining and improving as time goes on.

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Unlimited support

Our search experts are here for you.

Dedicated contact

To ensure success in implementing and utilizing your search, you will have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Professional services

Let us be an extension of your team. Our professional services team is here to assist with any design, implementation and optimization questions you have.

Exceptional support

Our customer support team is here to guarantee ongoing success and relevance with your solution, no matter what time zone you're located in.

Search built with your business in mind.