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Improve the search experience for both you and your users

Include all content in one search

Cludo gets your employees working faster. Stop sending your teams on search expeditions across multiples websites and platforms.

Secure sensitive information

The benefit of Cludo is that we can help you serve different search results based on the individual’s access level. That means you can ensure each employee has access to the data or info they’re authorized to view and need.

Crawl all file types

The best part of federated search is being able to search across all your content – so we don’t draw the line at file type. Whether it is a page, document, image or unstructured content, Cludo can index it all in your search results.

Cludo: your new partner in search.

Page Rankings

Cludo's intelligent platform will automatically rank and re-rank results as users search. But if you want manual control over your results, all you have to do is visit the Page Rankings feature. Move content up or down the search results for specific queries.

Friendly Support

Making changes to your search isn't something you have to dread (or visit your IT department to complete.) Cludo has an experienced, friendly support team who is here to help you with everything from relevancy questions to customization advice.

Filters & Facets

When you're including thousands of documents in your search results, you want the user to find the right information quickly. One of the best ways to do that is to add filters to your search, letting users specify their own parameters.