Search built for financial institutions.

Revolutionize the banking experience

Make your members’ lives easier through dynamic, personalized search. Cludo is trusted worldwide to serve the search and content needs of credit unions, federal and local banking websites.

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Encourage self-service

Save your staff and call centers time 

Studies show 67% of consumers prefer self-service over making a phone call or submitting a ticket. Empower your members to find the most important information by optimizing your search.

Our search engines are easily configured to display the most relevant information at the top of search results for any given query. Advanced filters enable search on different levels for services based on their availability and location. Just one more way to make your website work harder for you.

Financial dependability

Enhance the visitor experience

Voice search

Make your app or site search accessible for all members. With Voice Search, your visitors can search the way that works best for them. Plus, you gain detailed analytics to better understand and tailor the member experience.

Private data masking

Keep member data secure. If a visitor accidentally enters private data into your search bar, our intelligent search solution detects the patterns associated with private data and masks it within your search analytics.

Integrated banners

Running a promotion on new credit cards? Will your branches be closed for a bank holiday? Cludo's Banners are displayed at the top of a search results page for specific searches in order to promote important content.

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Keep them coming back

Boost activity on your mobile banking app

You know firsthand how important your mobile banking app is to the success of your business. In order to keep visitors coming back, you need an exemplary in-app search experience.

Whether your members are looking for account information, online statements or how to open a credit card, Cludo's in-app search makes it easy to find what they're looking for. And the easier your app is to use, the more frequently those users will log into the app.

"Integrating Cludo with our website has allowed us to provide quicker and more direct answers to the questions our members have. It also allows us to see trends of what our members are searching for so we can proactively provide solutions to best fit their needs. The team at Cludo has been great to work with. They are quick to provide support when needed and the email communication of updates and enhancements has kept us in the know. Cludo is a reliable service with little to no down time for us. Any downtime that we have experienced has been resolved quickly within hours if not sooner."

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Ensure everyone’s needs are met by optimizing your site search. 

As a financial institution, your members rely on security and trust. Provide an exceptional online experience that is an extension of your in-person offerings with intelligent search.