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Advantages of intelligent search

Cross-site search

Do you need information from multiple domains to appear in one convenient search? With cross-site search, our platform can search across multiple websites to combine all of your existing content under one search index.


At Cludo, we build search to fit your needs. From the search results to page layout, customizing your search is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that aligns with your website.

Data masking

Keep user data secure. If a user accidentally enters private data into your search bar, our intelligent search solution detects the patterns associated with this private data and masks it within your search analytics.

Relevance For The People

Cludo’s search engines are easily configured to display the most relevant information at the top of the search results for any given search term. Our easy-to-use Page Ranking editor enables you to decide what is most timely and important - no more outdated news articles or blog posts at the top of the search results.

Promote Self-Service

Cludo’s intelligent and user-friendly search experience makes websites more self-service, and cuts down phone traffic by guiding visitors directly to the information they are looking for. Category Filters on search results pages help by delivering results in a more logical and easy-to-review format.

Banner Integration

Cludo search smoothly implements banners on your website, enabling you to draw attention to the most relevant information to users. Highly useful for everything from self-service forms to waste removal rules, to disaster relief donations, banners do the job for you instantly when associated search terms are entered.

WCAG 2.0 & Sec 508 Compliance

At Cludo, it’s important to us that all our users have equal access to information and functionality. Our search platform strives to be WCAG 2.0 & Section 508 compliant, and is designed to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent people with a variety of disabilities from using our solutions.

Happy customers