Guided Conversation

Guide visitors with your business in mind

Cludo's Guided Conversation navigation experience can help you remove unnecessary requests and increase conversions.

Guided Conversation

How does guided conversation work?

The guided navigation provides a tailored experience for your visitors that creates a journey through your content based on their needs. The visitors will be prompted to answer questions or pick areas of interest in order to narrow in the number of potential search results.

This experience is fully customizable, and the journey can be tailored based on your objectives.

Hojskolerne guided conversation

Guided Conversation featured on Cludo customer, Højskolerne's website

Guided Conversations in action.

Use Guided Conversations to

Deliver content

Navigate visitors to the right content in a short amount of time.

Eliminate friction

Remove search obstacles and make it easier than ever to improve the search experience.

Engage visitors

Ensure visitors are directed to relevant information through helpful prompts.

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