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Navigating healthcare websites can be complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be with Cludo search.

Cludo is trusted by the healthcare industry worldwide to serve the search and content needs of their patients, members, and providers. Our intelligent search is here to assist the many audiences your organization serves while allowing you to adapt to the everchanging healthcare environment.

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Patient-centric, helpful search

Search designed with your network in mind.

Built for humans

Provide users with shortcuts like autocomplete, instant suggestions and quicklinks to shorten the journey. Use misspellings and synonyms to ensure every query ends with a result, no matter how complex the search term.

Facets and filters

Adding the right facets and filters can take a query from exhausting to successful. Empower visitors to narrow search results by their most important criteria or even content type (article, publication, research).

Mobile optimization

Your visitors need access to timely information no matter what device they are on. Our intuitive search is optimized for mobile, helping you offer a more streamlined experience.


Keep patient data secure with private data masking. If a user enters sensitive data into your search bar, our search detects the patterns associated with this data and masks it within your search analytics.

Guide the journey

Empower visitors through intelligent search

Whether through your website, app or online portal, it's critical that visitors are able to find the information they need. Our search engines are easily configured to display the most relevant information at the top of search results for any given query, no matter how complicated.

We make it easy to emphasize the most current information, boosting those results above outdated information from past terms. Our customizable search interface will showcase your healthcare capabilities, and our intuitive search filters can be easily configured to meet your unique needs.

Cludo in action

Read how Cludo helped the Danish Health Authority keep citizens informed throughout the pandemic.

As a public health organization, the Danish Health Authority saw their website traffic increase immensely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From questions on testing to vaccination, the public website needed to direct site visitors to accurate information while meeting their search needs, pushing them to utilize Cludo.

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