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Advantages of intelligent search:

Actionable Analytics

Make data-driven decisions through search analytics. Our easy-to-use analytics platform gives you the insights needed to better understand users, customize search results, and continually refine the quality and relevance of your web content.

Private Data Masking

Keep patient data secure. If a user accidentally enters private data into your search bar, our intelligent search solution detects the patterns associated with this private data and masks it within your search analytics.


At Cludo, we build search to fit your needs. From the search results to page layout, customizing your search is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that aligns with your website.

Save Time

We save time for your staff and call centers by helping patients and providers find the exact information they need online. We send your search analytics reports directly to your inbox, so with minimal effort you’re always in the know.

Customize For Your Needs

Cludo isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We work with you to determine the best search and analytics package for your institution’s size and requirements, and customize the solution to ensure you get just what you need. Plus, you’ll always have an email or phone support line directly to a human being!

Ensure Visibility

Cludo search smoothly integrates with dynamic banners on your website, enabling you to highlight the most important information on set search terms. Want to promote new services? Updated clinic hours? Easy ways to pay your bill? Vaccination information? Dynamic banners instantly do the job for you.

Stay Informed

Cludo’s search analytics dashboard is a powerful, user-friendly tool that helps you understand your patients, member or providers and serve them better. Edit and adjust search results from the dashboard, and gain insight into gaps and missing content on your website. We make it easy for you to get the information and reporting you need, and actively guide you to the most relevant insights.

Happy customers