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Empower members with advanced search features:


Selling a product or specific rates? Want to feature a seasonal promotion? Turn to Cludo's Banners. Cludo's Banners are displayed at the top of a search results page for specific searches in order to promote important content.

Advanced Result Pages

You need a search tool that can keep up with the complexities of your insurance content. Cludo can work with you to create a custom search page with advanced filtering and customization options.

Data Masking

We developed the Private Data Masking feature to hide any private data from your analytics that users may accidentally enter into your search bar. Clean up your analytics and protect the private data of your members.

Upgrade Your Website

You know your digital platforms are your digital storefront. That’s why insurance companies like yours are working harder and harder to bring your content into the modern age. Make your search a part of that transition with Cludo’s intelligent, lightning fast search results.

Save Your Help Center Time

We save time and money for your organization by helping users find the exact information they are looking for. That means the phone at your help center rings less, as users and employees are able to find answers to their own questions.

Increase Conversions

What really matters, in the end, is the conversions. Relevant search increases your ability to deliver the right information to the right user right off the bat, keeping them engaged and on your website. 43% of users go straight to the search bar when arriving on your website – make sure they find what they want.

Understand Your Users

One of the biggest benefits about working with a user friendly tool like Cludo is the detailed analytics we provide. Your organization may offer a multitude of products or insurance types. If you want to know which ones are generating the most search interest, and which may require more content to be developed, dive deep into Cludo's search analytics.