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With the obstacles you face in the manufacturing world, it can be difficult to deliver an exceptional digital experience to every visitor. That’s where Cludo's automated search comes in.

Your website is one of the primary ways to interact with customers. From the knowledge center to your extensive product catalog, our personalized search interface showcases your most relevant content, helping to serve your team around the clock.

Let search do the heavy lifting

Streamline processes for:


Increase employee knowledge, drive overall sales and attract job seekers by optimizing your website search.


Set expectations with your distributors by including inventory numbers within search results.


Ensure your retailers can keep up with customer trends and demand by continually updating content on your site.

Customer Story

How Danish Manufacturer Kamstrup Increased Site Search Usage by 350%

As part of a larger initiative focusing on improving the digital customer experience, Kamstrup chose to focus on optimizing their onsite search.

Why intuitive search?

Encourage self-service and increase conversions

Prominently display products

Leave no SKU behind. Our search gives you the option to display products however makes sense for your business. Utilize instant suggestions, custom sorting and filters to optimize your catalog.

Enhance efficiency

Our crawlers allow you to gather information from numerous sources, helping to increase efficiency. Whether a visitor is seeking product documentation, services or support, let your website be the single source of truth.

Quickly resolve issues

Search can help eliminate the need for visitors to pick up the phone or send in a support ticket. The easier your content is to find, the more likely your site is to convert and keep visitors coming back.

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Ensure everyone’s needs are met by optimizing your site search. 

As a manufacturer, many teams depend on you and your products. And now more than ever, it's crucial your visitors can find what they need on your site.