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Delight your clients with a best-in-breed full-stack site search & content enablement solution.


Our Partners

Cludo’s partner program is designed to help you provide an unmatched site search solution and deeper customer intelligence to your clients, ensuring a significant contribution to their business. Our focus is on the long-term growth and success of our partners, helping them leverage the program to better serve their client’s needs with an industry leading support infrastructure.

Why partner with Cludo?

We offer a complete site search & insights solution

You owe your clients better than limited CMS search solutions. They are outdated and difficult to work with. Bring them up to speed with a full-stack, best-in-class search solution that delivers real results. Machine learning driven intelligent rankings, rich autocomplete, smart banners, and a host of other functionality will give your clients the solution they deserve.

Cludo Is Built For Marketers

Unlike our competitors, Cludo is 100% designed for marketers, enabling them to analyze site search results and make intelligent decisions in real time. Our full search stack includes actionable dashboards, Intelligent 404, deeper insights, and other highly desirable marketing functionality your clients won't find anyplace else.

We Value Our Partners

Cludo is committed to molding each partnership into a relationship that makes sense for both organizations. We'll work alongside you to ensure you're successful in leveraging a world class product within your portfolio, that your clients will see immediate value in. Better yet, Cludo's commitment to customer happiness ensures smooth on-boarding and all the tech support they need to become successful.