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May 23, 2024

Q&A Chat Upgraded

Great news! Cludo Q&A Chat has upgraded to the new GPT-4o model, delivering faster response times for an enhanced user experience.

February 21, 2024

Enhanced Q&A Functionality

We’re excited to reveal our latest leap in Q&A capabilities, now ingeniously fine-tuned for questions using just a word or two! This upgrade introduces a smarter approach by employing unique prompts to deliver better answers for your shorter queries. Dive into a seamlessly enhanced experience on both our Q&A Chat and Generative AI Site Search.

Query-Based Prediction

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to our search API, now enhanced with advanced algorithms for predicting query relevance. This update enriches our Generative AI Site Search with refined configurations for a tailored, impactful experience. Expect comprehensive summaries of key information, providing a broad view of essential insights. This move towards summarization underscores our dedication to versatility, offering multiple perspectives for your searches.


February 20, 2024

Multilingual Support for Q&A Chat

Introducing a new configuration option in Q&A Chat: Multilingual Support! Our Assistant is now capable of detecting and responding in the language of the query. Read about other configuration options here: https://help.cludo.com/faq/ways-to-customize-the-cludo-assistant/ 


February 8, 2024

Q&A Usage Analytics are here!

We’re excited to announce the rollout of Q&A Usage Analytics! This new feature empowers users to effortlessly monitor their Q&A metrics, enhanced by detailed graphs for better visualization of usage trends. Additionally, users can now conveniently access their invoices for any additional Q&A requests directly within the platform.


February 6, 2024

Cludo Developer Experience is live!

We are ecstatic to announce the initial release of the Cludo Developer Experience is live. Visit https://www.cludo.com/cludo-developer-experience as a homebase to access information and links to technical documentation sites.


February 1, 2024

Exciting News: GPT-4 Turbo Is Now Live! :tada:

We’re thrilled to share that GPT-4 Turbo has officially launched, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This enhanced version of GPT-4 boasts a 128k context limit, delivering fresher insights and a wider range of capabilities. Get ready for more comprehensive and detailed interactions, boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects like never before. Join us in celebrating this leap forward in AI technology!


December 14, 2023

Newly Redesigned Account Overview Page in MyCludo

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Account Overview page in MyCludo. Dive into interactive widgets like Engine Count, Page Count, and Search Count for insightful analytics, and explore visual graphs that detail your usage statistics at a glance. With a cleaner layout and intuitive navigation, users can now access account details and manage their settings more efficiently.


December 7, 2023

“Update Content” Reimagined: Enhanced Control and Visibility for MyCludo Users

We’re excited to unveil an update to the “Update Content” page in MyCludo. This enhancement introduces a sleek, user-friendly UI/UX design, the ability to select specific crawlers for precise content indexing, and a new table for enhanced visibility of recently added URLs.


December 6, 2023

Enhanced Q&A Chat Feature

We’ve upgraded our Q&A Chat feature! Now enjoy more intuitive language processing, better understanding of context, and significantly fewer irrelevant responses. Elevate your Cludo experience with our latest technology.


November 27, 2023

Introducing Generative AI Site Search

Generative AI Site Search combines traditional and interactive experiences into one easy-to-use interface. When a visitor initiates a search, a list of search results will instantly appear. Simultaneously, our generative AI provides a more human-like answer and aids in their discovery process.

October 19, 2023

Revamped Profile Settings and Manage Users Experience

A seamless and intuitive user experience is central to what we aim for at Cludo. We’re excited to unveil a complete redesign of the Profile Settings and Manage Users pages within MyCludo. Crafted with user-centric principles, the fresh look and feel streamline your navigation and enhance the platform interactions. 

Boosting Security with Cludo MFA

Your security is our utmost priority. With that in mind, we’re ecstatic to announce the rollout of the Cludo MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) feature for MyCludo. This enhanced security mechanism amplifies the authentication process by adding an additional verification layer beyond just your username and password.


September 4, 2023

Introducing Cludo Q&A Chat in MyCludo

At Cludo, we are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our suite of intelligent search solutions: Cludo Q&A Chat, now available within MyCludo. This groundbreaking feature leverages ChatGPT’s advanced deep learning model to transform the way you interact with your search data. Here’s what you can expect from Cludo Q&A Chat: https://www.cludo.com/qa-chat


July 12, 2023

Introducing Actionable Recommendations

Actionable Recommendations takes your search data analysis to the next level by providing actionable insights. Going beyond traditional analytics, our innovative approach combines advanced analytics techniques and machine learning to deliver tailored recommendations that will drive tangible improvements in your search performance. With Actionable Recommendations, you'll not only gain a deeper understanding of your search data, you'll also receive specific and practical suggestions on how to optimize your search strategy. Say goodbye to generic recommendations and hello to a more personalized and effective search experience. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your search data with Actionable Recommendations.

May 22, 2023

Better Analytics performance

We have changed the infrastructure that serves you with Analytics and Insights in the MyCludo application and Rest API. You will see faster response time across the Dashboard and each report. This change will also enhance the way we support reports in different time zones. With these changes, we are also looking into even more useful and detailed reports that will be supported with the new powerful infrastructure.


April 26, 2023

New MyCludo UI

The team has been hard at work to bring a refreshed design to MyCludo. Learn about the new changes you can expect to see here


April 19, 2023

Icelandic Search Engine

We have made significant improvements to relevance for Icelandic search engines through better scoring of compound words. This update will provide users with more accurate and meaningful results in the first set of results. Our commitment to continuous improvement remains steadfast as we strive to deliver the best search solution for Icelandic users.


March 20, 2023

Coming soon: New MyCludo UI

The team has been hard at work to bring a refreshed design to MyCludo. The updated look will be here next month, but we couldn't wait any longer to tell you! Learn about the new changes you can expect to see here


February 17, 2023

Plus prefix on trending searches widget

The trending searches widget has now been updated with a new revolutionary icon, known as a plus sign (+). This is done to clearly indicate how your trending searches have gone up since the previous period, and to also make it better match the email notifications. Amazing what a plus sign can do!


February 9, 2023

Cludo Assistant in mobile view

The new Cludo Assistant is pretty cool, huh? So cool in fact we have now made sure it works seamlessly with mobile devices. You can now easily find that how-to article you have been looking for, while inside MyCludo.


February 8, 2023

Google Tag Manager Integration

Do you want to get more out of the wonderful Cludo search data? Well, have I got news for you! With the Google Tag Manager integration, Cludo will send search data to Google Tag Manager in real time, to be reported on and even passed on to third parties. Read all about it in our knowledge base.


February 6, 2023

Introducing our new Cludo Assistant

With the new Cludo Assistant, you can easily look for help articles without ever leaving the MyCludo interface. As you may have guessed the Cludo Assistant is of course powered by a Cludo search engine. Do you want one for your own website? No problem, simply reach out to your CMS.

On top of the new assistant we are also launching a brand new knowledge base with articles on all things Cludo. Learn more about all the Cludo features and get detailed step-by-step instructions for setting them up.


January 25, 2023

Improved total label for origin pages

When looking at the origin pages analysis you will now get a better understanding of the total number at the bottom of the screen. Because with analytics there are so many things to count!


January 18, 2023

Better label support in templates with no categories

Although we are proud of our category support, some of you don't need it. Don't worry, we now offer even better label support when there are no categories to choose from.


January 16, 2023

Better accessibility for instant suggestions

In our ongoing attempt to offer exceptional accessibility in our templates, we have improved the format for how instant suggestions are shown. Easier for everyone to see or hear, but still the same brilliant suggestions!


January 10, 2023

Support for recreating misspellings

We understand, sometimes you change your mind. Maybe that misspelling should not have been deleted after all. No worries, you can now add it again without any error. Because even misspellings deserve a second chance.


December 28, 2022

Reset result page count when searching in MyCludo

When going to page 2 or more of a list of items, like banners and page rankings, and searching for a specific item we reset the view back to page one. As a search engine company we know the importance of being on the first page of search!


December 23, 2022

Search term analysis overview Correctly show the async crawling status

We now correctly hide the lock icon for async crawling when you have this feature in your license. What a nice early Christmas present, huh?


December 20, 2022

Search term analysis overview

The overview widget in the search term analysis now shows the correct number of total and unique searches. If you think the count is still too low, you could always visit your site and make some more searches yourself.


December 16, 2022

Accept misspellings when used in banners

When setting up a new misspelling, we no longer show a conflict because the correct spelling is used as a banner search term. Because sometimes you want to use multiple features for the same search term. Good on you!

Intelligent 404 with empty description

When Intelligent 404 is defined to show a description, and the description of a result is blank, we used to show “NO TITLE”. We now show “NO DESCRIPTION”. Just kidding, we actually don’t show any description.


December 14, 2022

Editing crawler with default image value

When editing a crawler with a default image value, the value will now appear as expected. But don’t you worry, the default value was safe and sound the entire time.


December 13, 2022

Danish translation in the account overview

To clarify the period of searches listed in the account overview in Danish, we have updated the phrasing. We considered adding more “hygge” to the English version, but decided it was perfectly fine as is.


November 24, 2022

Update to Google Analytics Integration

Since Google Analytics is moving to version 4, we are now adding support for this as well. Have a look at the possibilities, it’s pretty cool! Also, keep in mind that Google will be ending support for standard Universal Analytics on July 1st, 2023. All good things must come to an end.


November 22, 2022

New crawler status: Ignored

When the crawler finds a page with the no-index or canonical tag, or even a URL out of bound, it will not be added to your search index. Good news, now you can see this information directly in the crawler activity with the brand new “Ignored” status.


November 18, 2022

Bulk deleting Synonyms

Bulk deleting synonyms has never been easier. Select one or more synonym groups on the page and hit the delete button. You can even delete all synonyms on the page. And don’t worry, you will only delete the synonyms on the visible page, so you don’t accidentally remove more than you need to.


November 9, 2022

0 Byte files will be removed from index

When a file exists but has a size of 0 bytes, it will be removed from the search index. In other words, because Halloween is over, we are now implementing a “zero bite policy.”


November 3, 2022

See where 404 errors occurred from

When using our Intelligent 404 feature, it is useful to see which page the visitors came from when clicking the dead link, right? We think so too, which is why we made a fix to ensure the referral list now shows correctly in the 404 analytics.


October 18, 2022

Banner Analytics trending values

When looking at analytics for banners, the current number of views and clicks used to assume the previous period was always zero. But now you can actually see if this week's data is higher or lower than last week's. Of course, if the previous week actually had zero views, you can’t really see this fix at all.


September 16, 2022

CSV Export for “Search origin pages”

When exporting a .csv file with search origin pages data, you will now get all the data exported, rather than just the current page. Making your quarterly data reports has never been faster!


September 15, 2022

Adding page ranking from “Search without results”

When looking at a search term in the “Search without results” interface, you can now add page rankings directly from the interface and get the page ranking interface. Previously, we just showed you the dashboard, which was pretty nice, but maybe not what you were looking for.


September 13, 2022

Crawling numbers called "numbers" clickable area

When crawling content and looking for a number-type field ending with “_number” but the page has a non-number value, the log will now show the page as failed. You get it, numbers are hard sometimes.


August 31, 2022

"Did you mean" clickable area

When showing the “did you mean…” suggestion, the clickable area is no longer the full width of the window. Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t mean to do that.


August 24, 2022

MyCludo scrolling fix

The scrolling has been fixed when opening modal in MyCludo. You can now scroll to your hearts' content… Or until your finger hurts.


July 12, 2022

Instant engine permissions

Changes to engine permissions for a user did not kick in as fast as it should. But don’t worry, from now on your users will have the right permissions instantly.


July 7, 2022

Voice search icon now in 36 languages

The title attribute of the voice search icon is no longer only in English. In fact, we added 35 other language versions of the “Search by voice” title. As they say in France: “You are le welcome.”


July 7, 2022

Multiple links within banners

When designing a banner, you can now add links to multiple elements at once. We recommend you use these saved seconds at the water-cooler to hear about your colleagues' weekend plans!


July 4, 2022

Synonyms containing communal words

Happy Independence Day to our US customers! Very apropos, synonyms, which contain the same word as the query, are now liberated and act like a true synonym. For example, “Independence day” is a synonym of the query “independence.”
Cue the fireworks!


June 28, 2022

Category values

We located a vulnerability in our search function when using category values. It has now been fixed, so no evildoers can mess with your search results.


June 16, 2022

Overlay template update

When closing a search with the overlay template and going back in your browser we would show a “page not found” message. After looking under the couch cushions, we have now found the page.

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