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[Guide] The Impact of Search Optimization on Business Growth

Business leaders today are focused on optimizing digital strategies and capabilities to remain competitive. Read this guide to understand the ways optimizing site search impacts your employees, your customers and your bottom line and three ways to improve your search capabilities this year.

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How to Optimize Your Website & Content Using Search Analytics

Not sure what to do with your search analytics? Don’t worry, we have you covered. This extensive guide discusses ways to utilize your search analytics, from strategic application to increasing conversions.

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The Ultimate Site Search Buyers Guide

Thinking about buying a site search solution but still have some questions? This guide is for you.
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[Webinar] Why Intelligent Site Search Matters

Watch our webinar in collaboration with Aten where we discuss the value of intelligent search and how to choose the right search solution.

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[Infographic] Why Site Search Matters

Do you find yourself asking why site search is such an important part of your marketing strategy? There are endless answers to that question, which is why we put together this infographic.

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[Ebook] How to Make Your Site Search Awesome

You have site search installed on your website. But how can you take full advantage of the tool you have? We walk through trends, the biggest mistakes to avoid, checklists on changes to make now, and so much more.


Site Search Glossary: Essential Terms for Marketers

This helpful glossary compiles the essential terminology, definitions, and abbreviations everyone needs to know when it comes to site search.

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[Webinar] Search vs. Navigation: How Humans Use Websites

Whether you're a marketer, a developer or anyone in between, this webinar will teach you how to turn engagement trends into successful web design.

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State of Search: 2021 Edition

2020 was a year like no other, especially when it came to finding pertinent information in a timely manner. With an increased need for knowledge, websites, intranets and apps across many industries experienced a surge in search traffic. This report is a gathering of Cludo customer search data and trends for the year of 2020.

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[Webinar] What's Next for Search in 2021

This 30-minute webinar dives into data from real Cludo customers on how search performed in 2020! We also explore trends we are seeing in 2021, and how to use them to your advantage. With last year’s surge in search traffic, it’s more important than ever for your app, intranet or site search to deliver.

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The State of Search: 2019 Edition

Want to know what's trending with search, who is most likely to utilize your search function and what industries saw growth in their search in 2018? Learn all that and more with this extensive report.

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