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Why Site Search Matters

Find yourself asking why site search is such an important part of your marketing strategy? There are endless answers to that question, which is why we put together this infographic.

Success stories


For Kamstrup's site visitors, it was easier to call during open hours to find a document, than to find it on the website.


As part of a larger initiative focusing on improving the digital customer experience, Kamstrup chose to focus on optimizing their onsite search.


The overall optimization of the search paired with an updated, more user-friendly look has resulted in search sessions increasing from 3,27% to 15%.


With the sunsetting of Google Search Appliance and a website up for redesign, the City of Raleigh was in the market for a new search technology in 2019.


When choosing a new search technology, Raleigh had specific needs to be met. Seeking a fast and easy implementation, they ultimately chose Cludo.


Cludo’s easy-to-use technology has also allowed the City of Raleigh to make timely updates directly in the backend, saving time and resources.


Serving a massive consumer base with a diverse set of needs, Vodafone Australia was looking for an efficient way to direct customers to the products or services they need.


The solution had to be user-friendly, enabling the digital marketing team to easily optimize results and promote offers, which ultimately lead them to Cludo.


Now, when Vodafone customers choose to use the internal search function, the most appropriate search results page comes up as number one.

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