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With Intelligent Search, Marketing Teams:

Take Control

Control your search results with Page Rankings, our easy-to-customize feature that allows you to set custom rankings for important search queries.

Stay Relevant

Improve conversion rates and increase time on page by serving the most relevant results possible with our intelligent, AI-driven search.

Predict User Behavior

Satisfy your users with Cludo's Intelligent Autocomplete feature that can predict what your users are searching for.

Advanced Tools


Cludo offers Intents, an incredibly unique tool that allows you to not only see what words users have searched for, but what categories those words fall into. You can use Intents to drive your blogging or content creation strategy.

Content Boosting

You deserve control over your entire website or app -- including your search. Cludo makes it easy for you to "boost", or promote, the areas of your content that are of greater interest to your users, and lower the ranking of those which might not be relevant to them.


Speed up the search process by adding Quicklinks! Quicklinks send users directly to a page or document based on their search, skipping the search results page entirely. Save your users time by offering them the quickest path possible.

Happy Customers