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Cludo's AI driven platform gives you complete control over your site search, access to actionable analytics dashboards, deeper customer insights, and a better standard of customer support.

Take Control

Search queries are your customer’s way of telling you exactly what they are looking for. Our easily customizable site search platform enables you to directly control the relevance of your search results, giving you control over the customer journey.

Be Relevant

Cut through the content maze. Cludo’s Intelligent guided site search enables you to deliver the highly-relevant results and enhanced user experience that lead to improved conversion rates.

Stay Up-To-Date

As a cloud-based site search solution, we can easily update and upgrade your solution without any downtime or IT intervention. This means that you are always using the latest version of Cludo search.

Easy To Use Site Search Tools For Better Customer Engagement


With categories, also called facets, you can group and filter your site search results into areas that are relevant for your website. This gives your users a better overview of your content, especially if you have a broad range of different products or services to choose from. Categories are known for increasing the number of conversions, because they make it possible for the users to specify and narrow their search based on their own preferences.

Content Boosting

With Cludo your internal search can complement your overall content strategy. We make it easy for you to boost the areas of your website that are of greater interest to your users, and lower the value of those which might not be relevant to them. A typical example is prioritizing your product pages can be prioritized above news, especially news which is a few years old. Boosting is easily setup and updated via your dashboard.


A quicklink sends users directly to a page on your site based on their query, skipping the search results page entirely. It is a time-saving option that offers the quickest path possible to the most relevant result (e.g. ‘locations’ brings you directly to the Contact Us page).

Instant Content Updates

Cludo’s crawlers automatically re-index your content at regular intervals. However, there may be instances where you add, update, or delete pages on your site and need these changes to be reflected in the site search results immediately. By using the Update Content tool, these pages will appear/ disappear from the results instantly without having to wait for the automatic crawler to re-index your site.

Blacklist & Exclude Pages

Certain pages might not be relevant, and by blacklisting these pages, you make the content more efficient for your users. You can blacklist pages from specific searches, or exclude them from all searches with this simple tool.

Intelligent Site Search Functionality

Proactive Autocomplete. Spelling Corrections. Derivatives. Stemming. Synonyms. Phrase Matching. Cludo’s got you covered.

Intelligent Autocomplete

Cludo's Intelligent Autocomplete is the first of its kind to use Machine Learning and end user behaviors to predict what a website visitor is searching for. Other site search solutions base their autocomplete suggestions purely on content and tags- the autocomplete suggestions simply pull from the indexed content on the site, guessing at what the user is typing. Cludo’s autocomplete on the other hand is based on actual user behavior. This allows it to be more dynamic and accurate in the suggestions it serves, as it’s based on what has actually worked for other users rather than simply guessing based on a static database of content.


Creating synonyms for selected keywords increases the possibility that your site search users will get a relevant search result. For instance, you might have users searching for “shoes”, but the correct term in your business is “footwear”. Setting up synonyms help overcoming the difference in vocabulary, and help your users in finding the right information. The consequence of no results showing up for colloquially used terms, would be to lose a potential customer to a competitor.

Derivative Words & Bigram Matching

Cludo will automatically search for derived word forms. Don’t worry if your content is written in plural, and a user searches for singular term - Cludo will automatically recognize the content being searched for. The same goes for bigrams- Cludo will find results for multiple word queries that are similar to, but not exactly the same as the text in your searchable index. For example, without bigram matching, searching for "football match" will not return results containing "footballmatch". Cludo will return results containing both, even though there is no exact match in the search index. This helps to ensure a high percentage of correct search results.

Spell Check

We all make mistakes. Luckily Cludo's intelligent algorithms automatically suggest the correct spelling of the keyword. Additionally, you can add new misspellings and correct keywords. The best part? Cludo supports 30+ languages!

Did you mean...?

When Cludo cannot find a keyword, it automatically provides your users with “did you mean…?” suggestions based on your website’s content. Rather than disappointing visitors to your website, Cludo suggests relevant alternatives based on your own content.

Keyword Highlights

With highlighted keywords in the site search results, your users can easily scan the content for relevance.

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