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Convert Users Through Intelligent Search

Provide Results

Ensure your visitors’ searches are fulfilled and questions answered through intelligent and relevant results.

Enhance the User Journey

Intelligent site search offers an appealing alternative to sifting through countless web pages and can match your branding.

Increase Engagement

Drive visitors to stay on your site through relevant content and a painless user experience.

Go from Search to Success with Cludo

Machine learning

Our search is based on machine learning, which means Cludo search results learn, refine and improve as your users search. Our solution can identify patterns of behavior and user intent, giving you the power to tweak and adjust search rankings based on real data.


Our comprehensive analytics dashboard is not only easy-to-use, but full of useful information that can help you increase conversions with your content.
Use Cludo analytics to dive into what your users are looking for, and examine all searches performed on your site.


We believe customers deserve support in all stages of their site search journey. That's why every Cludo customer has access to dedicated phone and email support. From implementation to content creation, our team of customer success specialists and developers are here for you.

Helping Over 600 Customers Convert Worldwide