Connect with your customers through optimized search

Easily direct customers to the products and services they seek while simultaneously promoting offers and content with our user-friendly, intuitive search solution.

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Heighten your brand with dynamic search

Serve your diverse customer base through personalized experiences

Consumer expectations for high-speed internet and this generation's smartphones is higher than ever. Of those consumers, 91% are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations. 

Let our AI-powered search support visitor needs while helping you build trust as a telecommunications provider. Cludo's intelligent search solution will help you support the diverse needs of your customers in a timely and cost effective manner, saving your team time and resources.

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How Vodafone Australia uses Cludo to meet diverse customer needs.

Serving a massive consumer base with an incredibly diverse set of needs, Vodafone Australia was looking for an efficient way to direct customers to the products or services they were looking for. The solution had to be user-friendly, enabling the digital marketing team to easily optimize results and promote offers and content, which ultimately lead them to Cludo.

Personalized, easy-to-navigate search

Tailor the experience to every visitor

Connect and build trust

Be a resource for your global audience no matter their phone or internet need. With optimized search, you ensure every search query is met with relevant, useful results.


Identify user intent

Distill your search data into palatable topics and themes with our AI-powered feature, Intents. Use these insights to fill content gaps, add products or services and ultimately improve your website.

Promote and advertise

Guide visitors and encourage product discovery with features like Banners and Instant Suggestions. Let Cludo do the heavy lifting for you when associated search terms are entered.

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Keep them coming back

Boost activity on your mobile banking app

You know firsthand how important your mobile app is to the success of your business. In order to keep visitors coming back, you need an exemplary in-app search experience.

Whether your customers need information on the latest iPhone, want to shop for accessories or learn how to pay their bill, Cludo's in-app search makes it easy to find what they're looking for. And the easier your app is to use, the more frequently those users will log into the app.

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Transform your customer experience with intelligent search.

Phone and internet services are more vital than ever. Retain your loyal customers and affirm they're in the right hands by offering relevant, personalized search from Cludo.