The Benefit of Search in Your Website Redesign

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Redesigning a website is more than just a facelift; it's a complete transformation of your organization's online presence. It should be an ongoing process that adapts and evolves to meet the everchanging needs of your site visitors.

A crucial aspect of any digital journey is finding the information you need, which is often accomplished through search. By incorporating an enhanced search feature into your website redesign from the beginning, you have the opportunity to provide an exceptional online experience for current site users. As you and your team lay the groundwork for the new site, you'll have access to valuable data and analytics that will contribute to the creation of an even more impressive redesigned site.

Gain insights before, not after

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead of the game is crucial. Early adoption is the key to unlocking insights that can propel your redesign to new heights. By implementing search before the redesign, you can harness the power of your current search data and insights.

These valuable search patterns and observations can influence discussions on how to shape and mold your new site into a seamless, user-centric experience. Incorporate optimized search as soon as possible, and let data pave the way for a search that will keep your visitors coming back.

Discover content gaps and dead links

Cludo users are often surprised by the ability search has to uncover content gaps and dead-end pathways.

We've all been there: you search and search, only to find zero relevant results. Or even worse, you click on a search result and it turns out to be an invalid page! But fear not, with features like ineffective searches and Intelligent 404, we'll give you a heads up on these roadblocks and help get your visitors back on track.

Don't wait for a redesign to improve these shortcomings. By incorporating intelligent search, you can ensure that your website maintains peak performance throughout the entire redesign process.

Align to visitor expectations

Our automated reporting and analytics provide insights for every query, helping you make thoughtful, data-driven business decisions. Use this data during your redesign (and after) to create a website that works for every visitor! 

Discover a wealth of valuable information hidden within the intent of your site visitors' search queries. This untapped resource holds the key to understanding exactly what your visitors want. Utilize their searches to inform the creation of new content, design a seamless navigation structure and plan for future promotions on your redesigned website. 

Website redesigns are a great time to rework your brand's voice while also catering to your target audience. If your content is written in a specific language, but visitors search using their own unique vocabulary, their results may lack relevance. By integrating Cludo into your redesign, you can see what terms may often be misspelled or need a synonym to direct visitors where they need to go. Incorporate this new language into your redesigned website for maximum relevance and visitor happiness!

Empower easier visitor adoption

Search is an integrated part of your website. It only makes sense to have search onboard with your redesign.

When visitors encounter new websites, it sparks excitement, but can also be overwhelming. As content is rearranged and buttons disappear, it takes some exploration to adapt to the fresh layout. Introducing a completely new search feature alongside the new site or post-launch ensures a frictionless experience as visitors explore your site. 

By building search into your new website, you'll make it easier for visitors to find valuable content while getting acquainted to the newness of it all. 

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When it comes to redesigns, we’ve heard it all. And we get it, adding another thing to your redesign plate isn’t of high interest. But making search part of the process is worth it in the end. If you find the below arguments to be familiar, rest assured that you're not alone in having questions about integrating site search into a website redesign.


"Cludo won't work with our CMS"

Good news! Cludo is CMS-agnostic. This means our search engine integrates and performs well with any website, equipping you with everything needed to create an impactful site search experience.

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"We want to use our CMS' search"

While using the search function that’s built into your CMS may save you money upfront, it can cost you conversions and potential revenue due to not being optimized to its fullest potential.

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"We don't have budget"

Cludo offers search options for every price point! If a custom solution isn't currently in the cards, you can always start with one of our affordable pre-built templates to get your search off the ground.

Still unsure about search being part of your website redesign? Read on to see just how impactful and seamless it can be!





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Before the redesign

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Try a template

Before the full redesign is underway, using one of our pre-built inline templates is a budget-friendly, easy way to get your search off the ground. The best part is you can start with a template and move into a custom solution when ready.

user feedback
Collect user feedback

Once your search is running, use this time to gather feedback from your site visitors. What parts of your website are easy to navigate and what content is only available through search? Take this knowledge and incorporate it into your new website's search.

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Gather current search insights

If you already have Cludo implemented, use this discovery phase to dive into your current search analytics. See what trends you can use to carry content over to your new site.

During the redesign

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Lean on your onboarding specialist

No matter how simple or complex your search solution is, our team is here for you. Need help auditing your search? Looking for design advice? We've got you covered. Every Cludo customer has a dedicated onboarding manager and unlimited support throughout the entire redesign process.

Use your implementation guide

Once your team gives Cludo the green light on the redesign, we will provide you with a detailed implementation guide tailored specifically to your brand new website. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of implementing your new search step by step.

After the redesign

redesign analytics
Pay attention to analytics

Your site search analytics are a treasure trove of hidden gems - don't let these valuable insights go to waste! Search is where your visitors speak directly to you, telling you what they need. Pay attention to things like trending searches, ineffective searches and searches without results. These will show you where you need to spend time adjusting and tweaking your content.

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Continue refining your search

Your new site is live, what a relief! But the work doesn't end here. Continue to refine your search as time goes on, whether that means creating Banners, new categories or filters and facets.

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Congratulations! Your redesigned website is live with your brand new Cludo search solution. It may be tempting to "set it and forget it" when it comes to search, but make sure you're regularly checking in on its performance. Paying close attention to your site search performance post-redesign ensures that your visitors can seamlessly navigate your new interface, providing better experiences and maximizing the benefits of your website overhaul.

Take a moment each time you're in MyCludo to answer these important questions:
 Has your click-through-rate improved since the last time you logged in? Since the redesign went live?
  Are you and your teammates served relevant results when performing basic searches?
  Has a new page been added to the website since you last logged in? Has it been added to the crawling schedule?
  What are your top 10 search terms? Is there anything surprising?
  Are there any Synonyms, Misspellings or Quicklinks that should be added?
  Are there any events or promotions coming up that a Banner could help highlight?
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Search is an essential component of your website that should never be overlooked. Whether you decide to incorporate Cludo into the redesign process from the very beginning or later on, we will be by your side every step of the way.

To begin your search journey, reach out today!