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This report is based on site search data from a sampling of Cludo clients for the period Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2018

The Financial Industry

The Financial Industry has seen the largest growth in mobile queries in 2018. Mobile queries increased by 90%, bringing it to 16% of all searches done on mobile. This trend is indicative of the rapid growth in mobile banking, and should incentivize the financial industry to continue to invest in mobile banking solutions and mobile-friendly content, since a large proportion of their users will be consuming it on a mobile device. Some of the top trending mobile search intents (see below) in this industry is for login, online banking and payments information. These are topics that should be adequately addressed in a mobile friendly interface.

The Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry saw a 69% growth in mobile searches, with 32% of all searches done on mobile. This is a clear indication that an increasing number of patients and their families are engaging with healthcare providers on their mobile devices with specific objectives in mind, and possibly even at the physical healthcare locations. Top mobile search intents (see intents section) are various specific procedures, hours, or room and parking availability. This information can be used to optimize the patient experience online.

2018 Top Search Intents By Industry

By recognizing trending intents as opposed to merely keywords, content owners at organizations within various industries can predict emerging issues and opportunities. These top intents can be used to evaluate the completeness of existing content, as well as being used to plan editorial calendars in 2019.


Banking Intents

Observations: Mobile banking is especially interesting, with a large number of end users searching for login, online banking, and account information. This indicates that these often-used mobile features need to be optimized for better on bank's mobile sites.

Banking Intents 2018

Higher Education Intents

Observations: Aside from "program courses", a number of the the higher education intents are focused on post-graduation opportunities. These appear to be mostly students searching university websites for answers on what comes next, and are focused on specific career objectives. This is an important note for content and student advising departments at higher education institutions, especially since post-graduate career placement is an important factor in college rankings.

Higher Education Intents 2018

Electronics Intents

Observations: What's especially interesting about the trending intents in the electronics category, is how specific and objective focused they are. Rather than doing more general searches, website visitors are seeking out specific items and models. When analysed at a brand or store level, this can help better organize product categories and offers online, as well as helping to identify trending demand for specific products, even if they are out-of-stock.

Energy Intents

Observations: The appearance of "login" and "chat" on the mobile search intents in the energy sector suggests that these are customer needs that are not being readily met by websites in this industry. This is an opportunity to better serve the immediate needs of customers via mobile optimization.

Finance Intents

Observations: The appearance of automobile related searches ("car") as well as financing issues ("repo" and "overdraft") indicates a large volume of distressed borrowers utilizing the search function on financial institution's websites. This information could be made more readily available, along with options and services focused on helping these customers navigate their financial situation.

Finance Intents 2018

Government Intents

Observations: Unsurprisingly, various housing, parking and municipal issues are trending in the Government Intents category. By digging deeper into these intents at a local level, various government agencies can identify trending issues in their localities in order to offer their residents better services and assistance.

Federal Government Intents 2018


Healthcare Intents

Observations: Healthcare intents were for the most part centered around various specialties, depending on the institution and patients. However, the appearance of "hours" and "parking" information on the list of trending intents indicates that this information could be made more readily available online, especially since these website visitors may already be distracted by their health issues in some cases.

Insurance Intents

Observations: Insurance intents when viewed as a whole had a larger focus on driving and personal identification. Website owners in the industry should evaluate their digital content to ensure that their customer base is being served with the relevant and easy-to-access information in both of these areas.

Not For Profit Intents

Observations: A number of non-profit intents are centered around various types of classes, careers, and training in various fields. At an organizational or industry level, analyzing these trends in a more granular way could help better prepare candidates wishing to enter the field, and help with recruiting.

Shipping Intents

Observations: The most likely intents in the shipping industry were of course to do with the tracking of orders, scheduling and claims. However, it was interesting to see a set of intents around "carbon tax" also appear, which indicates a growing awareness around environmental issues and regulations. This content should be made readily accessible online for site visitors interested in this topic area.

Shipping Intents 2018

Telecommunications Intents

Observations: The iPhone continues to be the highest-trending intent area in the telecom industry. However, two interesting intent areas were "financial hardship" and "unlock"- especially given the skyrocketing price of mobile devices (such as the new iPhones) as well as legislation ensuring greater number portability between carriers, content explaining customer's rights and options in both these areas has become increasingly important.

Telecommunications Intents 2018

Transportation Intents

Observations: Aside from booking information, almost all the trending intent categories for transportation were centered around how customers can travel with different items such as guitars, liquids, medicines etc. While a lot of this information already exists on airline websites, it can sometimes be hard to find or confusing. Optimizing content around these areas and making it easy to access will likely reduce the amount of calls airlines and other travel organizations will receive from customers.

Utilities Intents

Observations: Aside from more obvious intent areas like billing and various energy and discount questions, an interesting search intent was "live chat". Both on desktop as well as mobile, it appears a significant number of customers are eager to be able to directly contact their utilities company via online chat, with that intent trending higher than even "contact telephone numbers". This is an important intent to take note of when evaluating your customer service infrastructure.

Utilities Intents 2018