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At Cludo, we put you in charge of your search solution with valuable and easy-to-implement tools. Our easy access to crawlers and engines allow you to control search relevance, increasing visitor engagement with your website, app or other platform instantly.


Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, which is where the Misspellings tool comes in! The Misspellings tool allows you to add common misspellings to your search function. When you create a misspelling, you connect it to a correctly spelled word. When a user performs a search with the misspelled word, they will receive the results for the correctly spelled word that correspond to that misspelling.


Synonyms can be an important factor in helping your users find what they are looking for. Often, visitors may use a variety of terminology when searching for the same thing; for example, when looking for information on "recycling", a visitor might type in "trash" or "garbage" instead. However, you still want to direct those users to the same set of pages for all these keywords. With the Synonyms tool, this is easier than ever.


Engines are at the heart of Cludo as it puts you in control of the search relevance. Whether you serve multiple languages or have specific needs for what content should appear in which search, our engines are easy to customize and set up.

Page Inventory

If you're ever wondering about the number of pages in your search results or find the need to check up on any indexed content, Page Inventory is here to help. Page Inventory provides you detailed information on your search index, even for systems that use documents instead of pages.