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Tailored search solutions for destination websites

In the dynamic realm of tourism and hospitality, every click leads to an adventure. That’s where Cludo's customizable site search comes in.

Site search is the cornerstone of a successful visitor experience. Exceed expectations with a seamless and personalized digital journey for every traveler.

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The adventure begins with search.

Guide your most important visitors:


Provide quick access to important information like accommodations, activities and amenities for vacationers.


Help locals discover new attractions, events and activities within their area! Guide site visitors to specific content with date, location, and event-type filters.

Planners & Travelers

Showcase all your destination has to offer. Use search tools to guide business travelers and meeting planners to relevant content.

Customer Story

Visit St. Pete / Clearwater: Serving Residents and Attracting Tourists Through Intelligent Search

With a population of roughly one million and nearly 15 million visitors annually, the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area stands as one of Florida's premier destinations. To better serve locals and tourists, Visit St. Pete Clearwater chose Cludo for their site search needs.

Why intelligent search?

Showcase all your destination has to offer


Prioritize and display results based on your visitors' specific criteria such as location, budget and preferences, providing more relevant and personalized recommendations.

Simplified navigation

Helps visitors navigate through the vast amounts of content on your websites and make it easier for them to discover hidden gems, lesser-known destinations or upcoming events.

Language capabilities

Attract more visitors by providing results in their preferred language. Not only does this enhance accessibility, it will improve the overall user experience on your site.

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The power of search

Get people where they need to be with custom search from Cludo.

Tourism websites are a vital part of informing the community and attracting new visitors. Effective site search ensures every visitor can explore and discover all your destination has to offer.