What’s Next for
Search in 2021

Join Cludo for a 30-minute webinar diving into data from real customers on how search performed in 2020! We’ll also explore trends we are seeing in 2021, and how to use them to your advantage. With last year’s surge in search traffic, it’s more important than ever for your app, intranet or site search to deliver. Watch now!

In this data-driven recording, we'll discuss:


What did we learn from our customers and their site search users in 2020?


We'll go over what to expect from search in 2021 - from device usage to SERP layout.


As search adoption continues to grow, it's important that every facet of your search is optimized.

our Presenters

Ruth Sturm

Marketing Manager

If you want to make strategic decisions with your search data, Ruth is your go-to pro. With a passion for internal search and a careers’ worth of experience in content strategy, Ruth is ready to help your organization build the best possible search it can. 

Connor Foster headshot

Connor Foster

Senior Account Executive

During his time with Cludo, Connor has distinguished himself as the technical whiz-kid of the sales team. With a unique mix of friendliness and nerdery, Connor has used his talents to help many government institutions turn their website performance up a notch. 

About Cludo

Cludo is a powerful search and insights platform that helps your website and content teams save time and create more value. Unlike passive search, our unique platform enables you to custom rank and prioritize search results, automatically creating an intelligent guided search experience for website visitors.