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Cludo Developer Experience

Our goal is to enable each unique developer to build search in their preferred way. Explore the tools below to get started on your own path!

The Stack

When interfacing with the Cludo tech stack, you have a range of options - from plug-and-play implementations that can be done in minutes to rich APIs that offer endless customizability. This guide will give an overview of those options and link to more detailed documentation for you to explore.




Search Experience Templates

Search Experience Templates are ready-made search templates that offer a robust search experience without the need for custom code. They come in multiple variations and can be easily styled to match your site's design.

Who should use this?
Any search admin looking for a low code/no code implementation or who want to get a basic search up and running quickly.

Full documentation



React Search Controller

The React Search Controller is a comprehensive React library that makes controlling search events and search UI rendering as easy as possible. Developers just need to register components with the controller and it will orchestrate all the communication between the UI and the search backend. This works with both custom components and pre-built components from the Cludo React Component Library.

Who should use this?
Developers who want to use React to build a custom search template, but only need control over how the template is structured with custom or pre-built components and can leave the rest of the work of backend communication and state management to the React Search Controller.

Full documentation



React Search Core

The React Search Core library provides core search state and backend communication functionality, but otherwise lets developers handle the integration and rendering of their search UI and the triggering of their own search events. This can also be used with custom components or pre-built components from the Cludo React Component Library.

Who should use this?
Developers who want to fully integrate their search UI into their own React environment and control when and how search events are triggered.

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Our collection of REST APIs allow developers to create fully custom search solutions in any code environment. The APIs go beyond the search UI and provide endpoints for manipulating data and configurations in the backend.

Who should use this?
Developers who want to create a backend implementation or otherwise have complete control over how their search solution functions.



Before you begin with the APIs, learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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Content APIs

Control your search indexes by pushing raw data directly into them or initiating a Cludo crawler to refresh your content.

Documentation (V4) Legacy docs (V3)



Search APIs

Make search or autocomplete requests and receive raw sets of results. Change parameters in your requests to manipulate search results  with filters, sorting, and other options.




Ask questions and receive answers formed using your own search content.



Reporting APIs

Retrieve analytics data to pass to other systems in your tech stack for reporting or processing.



Event Tracking APIs

Record search and user journey events that can be visualized in MyCludo or retrieved through the Reporting API for use in your own system.


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