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Site Search Glossary

Site Search Glossary: Essential Terms For Marketers

The world of Site Search has its own unique vocabulary, and as a marketing professional you need to be in the know! This helpful search glossary compiles the essential terminology, definitions, and abbreviations you’ll need to have an informed discussion with your IT department when talking about your site search platform.

API: An application programming interface (API) is a set of

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Optimizing Your Website & Content Using Site Search Analytics

Following a dinner party recently, a friend commented (somewhat unkindly, but truthfully) that a certain guest was “the kind of guy who has the conversation he wants to have”. In other words, a bore who fails to read social cues or really participate in the conversation at hand, and instead, talks endlessly about topics that are interesting only to himself, at the expense of the assembled

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Amazon Prime Day Dogs

Amazon Fail: A PRIME Use Case For Intelligent 404 Pages

Welcome to a marketer’s nightmare. Amazon Prime day has been hotly anticipated for weeks now, yet come game time, the landing page for Prime Day does not work. Instead, most of the links on the landing page are kicking visitors over to either an error page, or to a redirect that sends shoppers back to the main landing page.

It’s not a site-wide issue either. The product pages themselves

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GDPR For US Consumers

Why American Businesses Need To Care About GDPR

It’s finally here! May 25th, 2018 was when the European Union’s General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) went into effect worldwide. “But hey, we’re not an EU business- that doesn’t affect us” you say. Not so fast! Here’s why you still need to care about GDPR, and all its ramifications.
I've been living under a rock for the past 2 years- What’s GDPR?
The General Data Protection

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404 Page Collage Image

Best Practices For Brilliant 404 Pages

We’ve all stumbled upon a 404 error page that made us laugh, or evoked our admiration of its fanciful UX design. As disappointing and admittedly frustrating it is to hit a broken link, some sites have done a better job than others at creating a visually appealing or functional option for users.

To help marketers and webmasters understand both the value and pitfalls in 404 error page design,

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404 pages

How To Build A Better 404 Page To Stop Losing Customers

23%. That’s the number of website visitors that encounter a broken link, that make a second attempt to find the missing page. That's not a great number.
The truth is, 404 pages are simply dead ends on your website visitor’s content journey, reducing their velocity towards the content they are looking for and hampering conversions.

Let’s get straight to the point- the way you handle 404s

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Press Release: Cludo Just Killed The 404 Page As You Know It

Cludo is First-To-Market with Machine Learning Driven Intelligent 404 pages that offer direct pathways to content that is relevant to website visitors, when the page they land on no longer exists.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 10, 2018 -- Cludo (, a leading site search and insights company, today announced the launch of Intelligent 404, a first-of-its-kind machine learning driven

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Farewell Google Site Search

Looking Back To See A Way Forward: A Farewell To Google Site Search

Google Site Search (GSS) will mark its last day of existence this weekend- It’s being replaced with Custom Search Engine (CSE), and current users are being opted into the new tool come April 1, 2018. The search and insights specialists here at Cludo would like to give our parting words on the search giant, in memoriam.

Even though it’s a momentous day in our industry, we’re not ones to

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Search Origination Pages

Finding The Gaps: Why Search Origination Pages Matter

If someone’s using the search function on your site, they are looking for something specific. If they are using search terms that indicate that they are looking for content that should be on the very page they are searching from, then I’ve got bad news for you friend- you may have a content problem. Let's take a look at how you can analyze and remedy these pitfalls, that are taking a toll on

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Cloud Computing

The Intelligent Alternative to Google Search Appliance

It’s time to start planning. We’ve all known this for a while, but Google Search Appliance (GSA) will soon be discontinued. However, this is a terrific opportunity to finally bury all your hardware headaches and move to the cloud! Cludo is the perfect Google Search Appliance alternative for those in search of a customizable, best-in-class search and insights platform. Here are five reasons to

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