Introducing Cludo Voice Search

Cludo announces our latest feature release: voice search! Your customers are talking to you. Make sure you’re listening with accessible voice search.

Cludo is thrilled to announce our latest feature release: voice search! This is big news for current customers and future Cludo users alike. Nearly 30% of mobile users are using voice search for their online queries. Whether they are mobile-first users or have different accessibility needs, these users are often lacking a way to successfully use your search tool. That’s where voice search comes into play.

Helpful analytics

Implementing Cludo’s new Voice Search feature will also provide you with more detailed analytics! All customers with the Voice Search add-on will get access to these new analytics:

  1. A quick dashboard report on your top five Voice Search queries
  2. A full analytics page to show Voice Search usage and a complete list of searches
  3. A new filter type to show/exclude Voices Search in any analytics section

A unique tool

We are proud to be one of the only search tools that offers voice search. Do you want to improve your website or app’s accessibility in the next year? Adding voice search is an easy way to start. Voice search makes your search accessible to more devices and users, allowing people to search the way that works best for them.

Easy & fast implementation

Ready to add voice search to your website or app? It’s easy with Cludo’s simple implementation. Simply add a small code snippet to your search code, and voice search becomes part of your out-of-the-box search tool. Talk to our sales team about getting voice search added in under five minutes!

Your customers are talking to you. Make sure you’re listening — add voice search today!

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