New Feature: Related Searches

Help users find the right content with related searches. These terms are similar to a user's current query that have already generated successful results.

Cludo is more than a site search tool – it’s a powerful content discovery solution that helps you put the most relevant content in front of your website visitors. Website visitors are likely to become more engaged with your organization if they are able to find the content they are looking for easily and quickly. However, you can take this engagement to the next level by providing them with information they possibly didn’t even know to look for.

This is where related searches come in. Related searches are search terms similar to a user’s current search that have already generated successful results.

related searches example

By providing searchers with terms that have already produced successful results for other users, alongside the results they were initially searching for, you open up a world of additional and useful possibilities to them.

Why related searches matter

Related searches appear on the search results page once a user has completed their initial search. It provides recommendations on other related search terms that are similar to the one the user has typed out. If a user doesn’t see any results they were looking for, they can use the related searches to find similar content. This is especially helpful if the user isn’t sure of the correct phrase or terms to use to find the content they would like to find. For example, eCommerce websites will commonly recommend similar or complementary products to a visitor, when they are viewing or purchasing a related product.

The great value of related searches is that is enables content discovery. Beyond helping your users find information they are looking for, it enables visitors to arrive at content they didn’t initially know to look for. This increases website engagement and stickiness, and streamlines their online content journey. It’s also beneficial when searching for obscure information or technical documentation that may contain terms the visitor isn’t initially familiar with.

Putting you in control with analytics

Your search analytics are at the heart of our platform. Our extensive analytics put you in control of your website and your visitor’s content journey. Related searches come with analytics that showcase a list of the related search results that have been clicked on. This information lets you understand what remains popular on your site, as well as what is more difficult to get to. Terms that receive a high click count are showcased visibly to take further action on, like the ability to setup synonyms for search terms that appear as related searches.

By applying the insights derived from related search analytics to your site search setup and content mix, you can create an easier path to relevant information for site visitors. For example, if you see a repeated pattern of clicks for certain searches on a related search suggestion, you will now be able to pair up those specific pieces of content more explicitly, or even adjust your search rankings to bring up the related search piece in the main search results for that specific query in the future.

You can learn more about implementing related searches here. If you’d like to learn more about this feature, please contact us at

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