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How to Grow Your Enterprise Search from Basic to Advanced

In the landscape of all your enterprise digital products, search may seem like an underwhelming tool, but that couldn't be further from the truth!

In the landscape of all your enterprise digital products, search may seem like a necessary but slightly underwhelming tool. But that’s only because you haven’t seen the full picture of what search can do for you. It’s not just a transactional way for users to skip the navigation. Enterprise search also involves:

  • Knowledge management
  • Reports and analytics
  • Content trend analysis
  • Process efficiency tools

When you take all of that into account, you do not want to settle for the same search tool you’ve had for the last ten years. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your search from basic to advanced. So how do you take a step in that direction? When you’re looking for a new search tool, start with the below.

Works across all platforms

This is one of the biggest upgrades a new search can offer: you can stop trying to manage separate searches for each of your platforms. Intelligent search will allow you to index content from all your platforms (including external and internal.)

You also want a search that will give you control over who has access to what information. An advanced search tool like Cludo has both the implementation support and the control necessary for you to establish the correct security protocols. That means you can gather all your content under one search, but make sure the results are personalized to each user’s access level.

Machine learning driven

Once you’ve gathered all your content under one search, the next step is improving your click through rate with good relevance. But even if you have a team dedicated to digital projects including search, you don’t want to spend all their time manually managing search results. A search driven by machine learning can transform your team’s experience. Almost every search software is built on some sort of AI, but a strong tool like Cludo will learn from your users as they search, and improve results over time without manual input.

Intelligent tools

But let’s say you do want a manual hand on the wheel. Get a search partner that gives you easy ways to make changes to your search results in their dashboard. Your enterprise search tool should include a bundle of intelligent tools like Synonyms, Banners, Page Rankings, and Quicklinks. That way, if your priorities or promotions change, you make sure your search results match your company goals.

Want to see what intelligent tools look like in action? Our friendly search experts can demonstrate Cludo’s comprehensive dashboard.

Quality customer support

If you’re lucky, you have a role or team dedicated solely to internal search. If you don’t, you know the importance of great customer service from your search provider. But even if you have an internal team, you want to work with a product that employs experts. At a SaaS company like Cludo, you know that you get a quality software without sacrificing that person-to-person connection with search experts.

Actionable analytics

Every search platform has some form of analytics. But can you actually do anything with that information? At Cludo, we design our analytics to include device, country, and wording specific information that you can use to directly impact the content choices you make. Not only that, but we have a wealth of resources on our website to help you use search to elevate your entire business, not just your digital platform.

Ready to upgrade? This is the year to stop compromising on internal search. See what you should expect with a demo of Cludo’s comprehensive search tools for your website, intranet or app.

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