Why Your Insurance Website Needs a Quality Site Search

If you work in the insurance industry, you know the landscape is constantly shifting and consumer needs are evolving. That's where site search comes in.

If you work in the insurance industry, you know that the landscape is constantly shifting and consumer needs are evolving. But between regulation changes, maintaining compliance and product development it can be difficult to focus on your website and update in a timely manner.

That’s where site search comes in. Whether it be through product offerings or knowledge articles, your website needs to provide your members and agents the information they need. By implementing a quality site search, you will not only improve your website’s performance but enhance the user experience, increasing the likelihood of member retention.

Ready to learn why a quality search is crucial to your insurance website? Let’s dive in!

Stay competitive in the digital age

The insurance industry is huge, and no matter what type(s) of insurance you sell there is no shortage of providers. That means just getting people to your site is an ongoing challenge.

The most effective way to stay competitive and not lose site visitors to other agencies is by utilizing a professional and modern website. With in-person insurance sales conversations going from 90% down to 5% in 2020, it’s more important than ever to have a website that provides a great user experience while building trust. After all, your website is truly your digital storefront.

If your website isn’t equipped to handle even the most basic search queries like “find an agent” or “file a claim,” you can count on visitors leaving the site. In order to stay relevant amongst your competitors, you need to embrace the digital era — beginning with your site’s search.

Capture and retain members

One of the biggest challenges your insurance organization faces is how to capture members and keep them coming back year after year. You’ve checked the boxes: your product portfolio has been tailored to meet member needs, your prices are competitive and you’ve got a solid marketing budget to promote it all. But what’s missing? The customer experience, of course.

Creating a cutting-edge product is no longer the top priority for buyers. Instead, it is the buying experience itself, and whether or not they will feel like a valued member. Buyers want a personalized experience. When making an important decision like purchasing insurance, buyers aren’t looking to settle or find something that “will do” — they want the product that fits them!

By implementing a search solution that points buyers in the direction of the right product, or better yet, the right agent, the happier they will be.

Grow your agent base

The easier you make it for agents to gain knowledge of your product offerings and sell the products themselves, the more they will want to sell your business. And it’s no secret that more agents = more revenue.

By providing a website equipped with quality search, agents have easy access to critical information. Whether your agents are looking for contracting information, an explanation of benefits or general pricing, a quality site search will direct them to where they need to go.

The more self-sufficient an agent is able to be, the more efficiently they are able to sell your product. Diminish the need to pick up the phone by adding search to your site!

Streamline the shopping experience

At Cludo, we understand the importance of your website. It’s your first step to customer service, your online storefront and the most active sales development tool to identify new members. With the insurance buying experience happening almost entirely online, it’s critical that the experience be efficient and professional.

With a site search solution like Cludo, you have the ability to streamline the shopping experience. Our site search solution offers functionality that puts you in control of the content your members and agents see.

Want to promote seasonal content, boost certain pages or direct visitors to a specific page after a search? All that and more is included within a quality site search platform like Cludo.

Drive your online strategy

With a quality site search, you have access to insights and analytics that will not only save you time but help drive your online strategy. These insights and analytics help to better understand your visitors and continually refine the quality and relevance of your web content.

Through site search analytics, you have the power to make data-driven decisions that can influence future business decisions. From search trends to where your members perform their search, these insights can help to drive website changes as well as inspire product portfolio additions.

Your members and agents deserve quality search

Ready to take the next step to providing an optimal website experience for your members and agents? Request a free demo of Cludo’s platform to talk to one of our friendly, insurance-focused sales representatives today.

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