Turn Seasonal Content into Conversions with Banners

Providing seasonal content is one of the most effective ways to keep your site visitors happy. Ensure it's easy to find by creating search Banners.

As a marketer or webmaster, creating content for your website is an important part of the job. Between serving site visitors and meeting business demands, ensuring the content you create is relevant is an ongoing process.

Obviously some of your most important content will be relevant year-round. Answering frequently asked questions or explaining how to address common problems will always be in style. But just as important as creating useful content that is relevant year-round is featuring and promoting your seasonal content. From time-sensitive information (holiday seasons, school enrollments) to event-based content (bank holidays, road closures, elections), seasonal content can be some of the most impactful content on your website.

But we all know the mere existence of that content isn’t enough — it needs to be useful to your visitors and, most of all, increase conversions! Here at Cludo we make it easy to drive user actions with your seasonal content. One of the ways we do that is with our unique tool, Banners.

What are Banners?

Essentially, Banners are visual calls-to-action on your search results page. They are a creative way to promote important content and engage visitors within your search results.


Banners allow you to display the content of your choice at the top of search results for specific searches, helping you direct users to the content you want them to see. They can be as simple as a line of text, or you can doll them up with custom coding and styling. 

How to Use Banners with Seasonal Content

Style them!
Banners are much more likely to convert when adding visual components beyond just text. Take some time to add a bit of styling to your Banners and experiment with different ideas like the below:

  • Promoting a holiday event? Add colors associated with that holiday.
  • Running a sale? Add graphics that display urgency such as “Limited time only!” or “Sale ends soon!”
  • Hosting a fundraiser? Include logos of the involved charities or pictures from past fundraisers.
  • Product promotion? Add a picture of the product so your users know to click right away.
  • Closed for maintenance? Use alert graphics to show urgency and include hours of closure.
  • Weather related news? Use imagery like leaves or snowflakes to align with the messaging.

Schedule them!
One great feature of Banners is that you have the ability to schedule them. After designing your banner, schedule it to run for your desired amount of time to ensure visitors are only served the banner when relevant.

Analyze their effectiveness!
Once your Banner has ran its course, take some time looking into the report called Banner Activity. These analytics let you examine how many times each banner was seen, and how many times each banner with a unique URL was clicked. Use this data to create additional Banners throughout the year and to decide whether or not they should be used for similar promotions in the future.

Keep visitors happy

Providing seasonal content is one of the most effective ways to keep your site visitors happy while staying relevant. Make sure that seasonal content is easy to find within your search results by creating Banners.

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