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Google Site Search just announced that they are discontinuing Google Site Search. Existing customers of the Site Search face the fate of being converted to Google’s Custom Search solution, a rigid and mediocre product that offers far less than the Google Site Search.

There is no better time than the present to replace your soon-to-be obsolete Google Site Search, but with doing so, why not upgrade your search to a more powerful solution? Migrate your search to Cludo.

Cludo, is an intelligent search solution that was created to be the most user-friendly product on the market. At Cludo, we want to equip the marketers and webmasters with the right instruments to put them in charge of their search engine. Our focus is to provide easy-to-use tools along with a simple, customizable setup, so you can give your users a richer search experience.

How hard is it to migrate from Google Site Search to Cludo?

Not hard at all. We do most of the work on our side so that you receive a personalized search solution that fits your needs. We will design the search in accordance to your site’s style, and make sure that relevancy is tuned just for your organization. All you have to do is to copy and paste a few scripts and your fully functional search will be up and running.

Made to fit your needs

Your site’s design represents its identity and brand to your users. It seems that Google isn’t big on aesthetics as only standardized features are adjustable on this solution and there is not much wiggle room away from their built-in selections of search display. Plus, when you are converted to the Google Custom Search, you no longer have the option to remove small impersonal details like Google Ads, or Google branding. Not only does this detract from your personal branding, but it also takes away your feeling of ownership on that area of your website.

Cludo however, understands the importance of retaining the individuality of every site. While our technology comes ready-made for your use, we help you create a search display that seamlessly fits into the overall design of your site. Our team of developers and designers work alongside you and your visions, to create a display based on the very specific needs of your site. We also promise the continuity of this service, regardless of whether your site needs just a minor layout adjustment, or if you have undergone a major site redesign.

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Get in control of the search relevancy

Cludo however, is not a black-box product where we decide what’s best for your site. You know best of what content your site contains, which is why we give you full control over the search relevancy of your site to adjust when needed.

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Customer first, always

As we mentioned above, the Google Site Search and soon, Google Custom Search, does not offer much in terms of personalization.

Cludo, however, believes in collaboration for the best results; we encourage customer feedback and contribution as it doesn’t just help us give them the best search solution, it also helps us improve our product. We also provide free and unlimited customer support for all our beloved customers.

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