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Powerful For Developers. Built For Content Owners.

Cludo gives you more control and flexibility over the search experience on your website, plus the strategic insights to shape your content for greater engagement.

Cludo vs. Google Custom Search

Ranking & Relevance

Unlike GCS, Cludo's machine learning driven search automatically ranks your content based on how well our analysis tells us it will perform on your specific site. Google's system does it based on how well it would rank for users searching across the entire web, which may differ from the needs of your particular organization. Plus we give you the flexibility to easily modify your content rankings based on your needs.

Insights & Analytics

Cludo provides you with powerful analytics right out of the box, that go far beyond what you get with the Google Custom Search Engine. We equip you with an analytics suite that enables you to find gaps in your web pages, better understand what content is working well vs. what is missing, predict customer trends, and continue to refine your search experience. Plus, our actionable dashboards make it easy to make changes in real time directly from your reporting!

Customized & Ad Free

With Google Custom Search you get a limited number of design options, and unless you're a non-profit or educational institution, your search is full of ads! Compare that to Cludo's fully customized search design that is built to fit seamlessly into your website branding. Your search results will be ad-free, and you can easily use our search design editor to build your own look, or have our design team do the work for you. No technical training required!

Support Included

Customer happiness is a priority for us- Cludo offers free worldwide direct phone and email support included in all our packages, for the lifetime of your subscription. We pride ourselves in our ability to put you directly in touch with our customer success team, who will ensure you get the most out of your search solution. It's an amazing upgrade compared to Google's limited and depersonalized customer support.

On-Demand Indexing

Cludo keeps your content up-to-date with rapid on-demand content publication and crawling, and instant manual updates possible via push API. Google Custom Search in contrast, takes 24 hours to index new content, and their search index is often out of date with either new content that wasn't picked up fast enough, or deleted content that should have been removed.

Built For Marketing

Cludo's search & insights solution is powerful enough to satisfy the the most advanced developers, yet easy enough to use that marketers won't have to run to their technical team every time they want to customize or learn from their solution. We've given marketers complete control over search engagement, to the same extent they have control over their websites and content.

Cludo’s customers love our unique Site Search & Intelligent 404 modules

Laura Church, Web & Digital Officer, Northampton Borough Council

"Every year, council sites in the UK are rated by an independent agency. The person rating our site gave the site search 4 stars out of 4 and gave some really excellent feedback about the quick links! I have used many different search portals over my career but Cludo is by far the best. It is so easy to use and the support from you and your team has been absolutely fantastic. Because the product is so simple and has so much functionality, it really does help me to manage our customers’ searches and make sure their time on our website is as stress-free as possible.”

Celena Haase, Programmer, Mosis

"Our biggest need was to get off Google and their ads- mission accomplished! A few tweaks here and there, but that was the easiest migration I've done in a while!”

Isobel Smith, Digital Content Product Manager, Parkinson's UK

"Cludo’s 404 module has enabled us to provide related content to users that would have otherwise hit a dead end in their journey and direct a proportion of this traffic to their desired destination. It’s also given us clearer oversight of the links that are returning the most 404s to users, enabling us to identify them and deal with the based on priority order."