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Don’t Leave Your Search on the Sidelines

Business Online 2022 Recap

Customers are at the heart of any business and delivering exceptional experiences is a goal for companies across industries and sizes. In early April, Cludo attended Novicell’s Business Online 2022 and joined like-minded professionals to discuss tools and strategies for improving the customer experience.

Creating an exceptional customer experience means analyzing all touchpoints, from in-person interactions and support calls, to landing on your website. Websites serve as a powerful tool for informing visitors about your company and are an opportunity to deliver that exceptional experience visitors are looking for. Your site visitors shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find the relevant information they need – which led our Cludo team to swap polos and computers for jerseys and basketballs, and hit the court event to ask attendees “are you ready to aim for better search?

delivering exceptional experiences
person aiming for better search

Make your website experience a slam dunk

A key part of your website or app is understanding the importance of good search. Search is more than just a bar on your site – it is a piece of your overall digital strategy. If your visitors cannot easily find what they are looking for, they will abandon your site, and potentially your business, all together. Cludo’s intelligent search, built on machine learning, provides the most relevant results, and analyzes behaviors overtime to automatically adjust rankings and ensure successful outcomes. Cludo search also supplies analytics and insights to your internal teams that display what visitors are searching for in their own words. Its intuitive features and design allow for easy adjustments to better serve your visitor journey and improving the overall visitor experience.

Don’t leave your search on the sidelines!

What was great about this conference was the opportunity to shed some light as to how today’s customer are pressuring companies to use technology to deliver better customer experiences, and how we help customers like Cisco, Vodafone and Bank of England meeting this challenge. There was a lot of conversation happing at the conference, and if you feel you didn’t get the chance to talk with us, or you want to learn more on delivering exceptional experiences, connect with one of our search experts here.