How Search Analytics Provide a Valuable Tool for Small Businesses

Small business owners have a lot to juggle and need tools that work. Learn how site search analytics can have a big influence on your small business.

When you’re a small business owner or leader, you wear many hats as you juggle day-to-day operations alongside growing your company. You need tools that work for you, not against you. With nearly 85% of consumers using the internet to find a nearby shop or vendor, your website is the most direct way to promote your business.

Often, a business’ site search solution and the impact it can have gets overlooked. With 43% of site visitors going straight to the search bar, you don’t want to realize too late that your search tool isn’t working because, by that point, potential customers are likely moving on from the website – which means lost revenue.

Search results need to be relevant, which is especially critical for businesses with content-heavy websites. So, what if you’re a small business owner who is designing a new website or wants to fix a website to address gaps of information?

How search impacts your small business

Whether you’re a local insurance provider, or running your own handmade goods boutique, it’s important that your small business website reflects all you have to offer.

Since you have to work harder to get visitors to your site as opposed to going with big name brands, it’s especially important your site offers functionality to keep them there as long as possible. Enter site search.

As a small business, you know every interaction is an opportunity to not only impress customers, but to grow. Consider site search as another tool on your website that creates a positive experience for customers and prospects.

When a website visitor is having a good search experience, they won’t know it because it’s expected. However, they will remember when they’re having a bad experience. A bad search experience can turn off visitors, eroding trust in the brand and sometimes losing the visitor forever.

Visitors don’t want to work too hard to find the information they need. When a website visitor has to scroll down through search results, the rate of clicks and conversions decreases. Successful search experiences will give a visitor the content they were seeking in the top results.

Using site search analytics to enhance your site

The search tool is the spot where customers are talking directly to your company, in their own words. At Cludo, we provide the tools with in-depth analytics and support to help businesses better understand and address visitors’ needs while continually refining the quality and relevance of your web content.

Our search solution utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to continually improve search results over time based on visitor behavior. That means it can provide search results for synonyms and misspelled search terms and push certain content to the top of the search results.

With analytics, such as searches without results or ineffective searches, business leaders can learn what content visitors want that doesn’t currently exist and shape business offerings around that data. Are you seeing an increase in searches for “dangly earrings” when you only sell studs and hoops? Take that as a sign to expand on your current selection.

Equally as important as what your users are searching is where on Earth they are searching from. With geolocation analytics you can map out and visualize where your visitors are searching from on a local, regional and even global scale. Are you getting an influx of searches for “insurance agent” in a neighboring city or county? Maybe it’s time to hire to meet the demands of potential customers. Seeing an increase of orders from the same suburb? That could be an opportunity to expand or open a franchise.

In order to keep your small business afloat, it’s important to continually be evolving and learning from what your customers want. Your site search analytics are packed with valuable information that can have a big influence on your small business. Take the data and insights from your search to help shape your strategy and best serve every website visitor.

Cludo makes it easy

A website visitor’s experience should be the top priority for a small business.

Small business owners have a lot of time and money invested in their companies, and we want to make it easy for them to provide a positive experience for their website visitors each and every time they check out their sites.

To see how optimized search can directly impact your small business, reach out to one of our search experts today.

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