Why Site Search Geo Data Matters and How to Use It

Utilize your geolocation data analytics to create a one-of-a-kind tailored experience that will keep your users coming back again and again.

When forming a marketing strategy, you know the importance of site search data and analytics. From content creation to website maintenance, this data influence every decision you make. And when striving to meet the diverse needs of your users, just as important as what they are searching is where in the world they are searching from. Enter: geo data.

Read on to learn more about geo data, why it’s important to your marketing strategy and exactly how to take advantage of your geo data analytics.

What is geo data?

Geo data, or geolocation data, is geographic information that allows you to analyze website activity based on location.

Geo data analytics add location data to your site search queries, making it easy to map out and visualize where your visitors are searching on a local, regional and global scale.

Why is geo data important when it comes to site search?

Geo data analytics break down your search queries by number of searches, CTR and exact search term by location.

Geo Data

No matter what industry you work in, your site search geo data provides extremely useful insights for your marketing teams. With these insights you can tailor your content strategies, engagement tactics and advertising campaigns.

How to use your site search geo data

  • Geo-targeting and search personalization
    Geo-targeting or location-based marketing, is reaching someone based on their location. A great way to give personalized recommendations to site visitors, use your geo data analytics to decide how and where to market products and services based on visitor location.

    For example, if you’re an online retailer, suggest sweaters or long sleeve shirts to people in Northern regions and short sleeve shirts to those in Southern regions during the fall season. If you’re an insurance provider, suggest articles about hurricane preparation to visitors located in the southeastern US during the late summer and articles about winter weather preparedness to the Midwest in the fall. 

    Note: With location-based marketing, it’s important to maintain compliance with GDPR and other privacy standards.
  • Create content based on demand
    By dissecting your geo data analytics you have the ability to see exactly where there is demand. Create content that will serve your high-demand areas, ensuring you are providing maximum value to site visitors while also getting the most use of your marketing efforts.
  • Deliver location-relevant content
    Ensure your visitors are served content that is useful to them and their location. If someone on your law firm’s website is searching for a divorce attorney in New York City, you don’t want an attorney in Boston showing up as the first result. With geo data analytics you can decide which results to boost and promote for which areas.
  • Establish a seasonal calendar
    Don’t forget to pay attention to seasonal search trends and establish a content calendar that meets user needs based on location. For instance, if you’re an online retailer who sells bathing suits, you might see an increase in searches from May to August in the Northern Hemisphere, whereas the Southern Hemisphere may make similar searches from December to February. Similarly, if you run a tourism website, you may want to run promotions or sales for different parts of the world based on when their summer holidays are.
  • Justify business decisions
    If you see an increase or decrease in search traffic within a certain area, use that to make important business decisions – whether it be removing a product lineup or adding an additional event out of popularity.
  • Testing
    Use your geo data analytics to experiment with your website. Switching up visual and textual elements of your website based on location can be an effective way to keep users happy and see what does or doesn’t work in a given area.

Creating an adaptive user experience

By taking advantage of your site search geo data analytics, you have the power to enhance the way users interact with your site. Utilize your geo data analytics to create a one-of-a-kind tailored experience that will keep your users coming back again and again.

Interested in creating a location-focused content strategy? Contact Cludo today to see your geo data analytics and our other unique tools in action!

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