How Your Industry Can Boost Website Performance With Site Search Analytics

Site search analytics provide a continuous roadmap for the success of your website and business.

Analytics shape and transform the way in which businesses operate, no matter the industry. A growing digital landscape means the power of analytics is simultaneously expanding with new features and adoptions. Insights and analytics improve business' internal processes, websites, and more, while providing an ease to the overall decision making process. This is especially true for businesses with information-heavy websites and those who need a customer-centric approach to its website.

Site search analytics provide one of the clearest views of your customers' behavioral patterns and how they engage with your website and content. Half of site visitors use search and are typing their needs in their own words into your search bar. Those analytics provide tangible opportunities to boost website performance, shape content strategies, decrease support calls and increase conversions. Are you using search analytics to improve your website?

Search analytics in the public sector 

By analyzing content gaps or trends, public sector institutions can promote specific events or information to better serve its constituents. Larimer County supports over 350,000 residents in finding the information they need. Utilizing search analytics, Larimer County understood residents were searching for terms like 'shed' and not finding anything. By adjusting content and deploying tools like Synonyms and Banners, they ensured the right content was getting to their residents. 

Similarly, the team at London Borough of Bexley used search data to restructure its content strategy. They realized there was a gap in what people were searching and that the website content did not meet the needs of is visitors. By focusing on targeted content and adjusting the website strategy, they subsequently reduced support calls. 

Through the overall adoption of Cludo, both institutions ensured their websites benefited the community to its highest capability.

Search analytics in the tourism industry 

In the dynamic landscape of the tourism industry, both identifying and addressing customers' core pain points are crucial for success. Web visitors may have a specific question about a place or maybe they are exploring what all the destination has to offer. This search data captures visitor preferences, patterns and trends to allow for tailored content and marketing strategies.

There is also a need to get relevant and timely information to website visitors. Understanding trending or ineffective searches means you can fill content gaps as they happen. Visit St. Pete/Clearwater uses the search data and search bar to inform visitors of weather updates. They noticed a trend in 'red tide' searches corresponding with an incoming tropical storm. By using these analytics, they quickly implemented a Banner to guide people to timely information and put travelers at ease.

Through an analysis of search data, tourism organizations can strengthen content and build trust with vacationers, travelers, local businesses, event organizers and more.

Search analytics in the financial industry

Similar to picking a vacation destination, customers have options when it comes to selecting a financial institution. Financial websites need to showcase the range of services it offers, from small business loans to investment plans. If potential customers are unable to find what they're looking for, they will leave your site for a competitor.

Search analytics can optimize conversions by showing you where visitors are running into issues, from ineffective searches to searches without results. Understanding where leads are dropping is an opportunity to improve and further optimize your website CTAs and user journeys. 

Search analytics have proven to be invaluable tools in various industries, including the public sector, tourism, and the financial industry. By analyzing user behavior and search patterns, businesses and organizations can optimize their websites, improve content strategies, and increase conversions. If you want to improve your website's performance, decrease support calls, and increase conversions, it's time to harness the power of search analytics. Contact us today to learn how site search and search analytics can impact your business roadmap.

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