Introducing Audiences: Our Next Step into Personalization

Personalization is fueling the marketing world. Search is no exception. Cludo recognizes that your visitors have unique needs with Audiences.

Personalization is fueling the marketing world, and it has only gained more steam since the pandemic began as consumers shifted working, playing, connecting, and buying habits online. But personalization is not a new thing – it’s certainly not the first time we’ve talked about it, and it won’t be the last.  

Meeting consumer demands

That’s because consumer preferences and habits have shifted, and the marketing landscape shifted with it. The 2022 Martech Map was released in early May and includes over 9,900 tools – including search. Search is so much more than just a bar on your website or app! When implementing an intelligent search solution, it can be a powerful marketing and analytics tool – a spot where your customers talk directly to you in their own words.  

Now, consider the rise of consumers’ expectations of personalization at every interaction. Search is no exception. Cludo recognizes that your visitors have unique needs, which is why we’re excited to present our newest feature: Audiences.  

Introducing Audiences

Audiences integrates with Google Tag Manager (GTM) so you can serve personalized results and content based on your defined visitor profiles and behaviors. Imagine you’re a marketing manager for a large university. You have a lot of content on your website, and you know content that is relevant for Prospective Student Paula isn’t the same for Alumni Allen, nor will they want the same experience. And without tools or analytics, you can’t effectively guide them to the right content, or have insight to what is driving successful searches and conversions. How do you cater to your visitor profiles on your site? 

With GTM, you can set a trigger and traits based on your visitor profiles. In this scenario, anyone who lands on your alumni events page, you can associate them with a trait of ‘interested in alumni events.’  

Then, this behavior is identified with Audiences through the integration with GTM and allows you to deliver relevant content and results using Page Rankings or Banners. So, when Alumni Allen visits the alumni events page, he will then see a Banner that promotes an upcoming alumni golf tournament.  

Similarly, when Prospective Student Paula clicks on your Tuition page, and then performs a search, your triggers will display financial aid information, like scholarship information or application deadlines, higher in her results, using Cludo’s Page Rankings.  

allen-tuition-search paula-tuition-search
Alumni Allen’s search results Prospective Student Paula’s search results

Audiences empowers you to reimagine the way you personalize the experience of your visitors by carefully guiding them to content that meets their past behaviors and defined signals, leading to a better, more customized experience! 

Learn more about the latest in search personalization from our search experts today!

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