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Cludo Vs. Google Site Search

Design & Branding

Cludo customizes the site search design based on the specific needs of your site. Compare that to the limited, self-service design offered by GSS.

Relevance & Control

Unlike Google's rigid, black-box tool, Cludo's customizable “engines” put you in full control over the site search rankings delivered by the crawler.

Banners & Integration

Cludo offers dynamic banner integration with site search results. GSS has no similar advanced site integration.

Migration Made Easy

How difficult is it to migrate from Google Site Search to Cludo? Not hard at all! We do the work on our side so that you receive a personalized search solution that fits your needs. We'll design the search to match your site’s style, and ensure the relevancy is tuned just for your organization. All you have to do is to copy and paste a few scripts and your fully functional site search will be up and running.

Custom built to fit your needs

With Google Site Search, you will no longer have the option to remove impersonal details like Google Ads, or Google branding. Cludo understands the importance of retaining the individuality of every site. While our technology comes ready-made for your use, our team of developers and designers work with you to create a search display that seamlessly fits into the overall design of your site.

Cludo Vs. Google Site Search


Cludo offers rapid on-demand content publication and crawling, with instant manual updates possible via push API. Google Site Search takes 24 hours to index new content.


Cludo site search strives to be ADA, Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 compliant with assistive tools for people with disabilities, including text highlights, reading tools, and more. Google Site Search does not adhere to the web content accessibility guidelines.


Cludo offers free worldwide direct phone and email support compared to Google's limited and depersonalized support.